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Concrete wet mix shotcrete machine
Product Introduction:
Wet Concrete shotcrete machine is the mechanical device refers to the use of compressed air will be according to a certain proportion of concrete, accelerating agent and the formation of suspended air flow and directly sprayed to the surface of the building or structure that is sprayed onto the applied surface to form a dense concrete layer, so that the surface of a building is reinforced or a new structure is formed to meet the purpose of supporting.
The wet concrete shotcrete machine is the centre device, compose of the spray gun, air compressor, water supply system, batching and mixing feeding device, accelerating agent adding device, etc
Item (wet concrete shotcrete machine)UnitHBTS30
Max. theoretical concrete outputm3/h30
Max. Shotcrete outputm3/h7-10
Air pressureMpa0.4~0.6
Shotcrete distancem80
Max. Aggregate size for shotcretemm16mm
concrete transport function
Concrete slumpmm120-230
Aggregate Size for transportmm鈮?0
Concrete Cylinder Diametermm160/1050
Hopper Capacitym鲁0.35
Filling Heightmm1400
Max Theoretical Concrete Conveying Distance (Horizontal Distance/vertical Height)m300/80
Diesel Engine85KW
Main Oil PumpKawasaki
Hydraulic ValveBolssen
Hydraulic HoseManuli
PLC control PLCMitsubishi
Pipe Cleaning Mode
Overall Dimensionmm4500脳1550脳1750
Total Weightkg3700
The advantageous is shotcrete is flexible, economical and lesser time consumption during the process.
Shotcerte great adhesion and more flexible, acquire higher compressive strength in a short time
Because of the high velocity due to use of shotcrete, with the accelerator increases the strength of the concrete.
Compared with the general concrete pouring process, the progress is 1 ~ 3 times faster, and the raw materials can be saved up to 40% ~ 50%
Wet Concrete Shotcrete Machine can be used in different construction work even the narrow space
In details:
Accelerator pump
Condensing agent pump uses compressed air as power source to assist wet jet machine to achieve better injection effect
Cyclone part
The air will be changed from a straight motion to a circular motion, generating a rotating flow, wet jet to achieve better spray effect
Wet Concrete Shotcrete Machine can be used in different construction area
(1) Tunnel, Underground & Mining Stabilization and Construction,
(2) Slope protection and Trench Stabilization,
(3) Construction of swimming pool/Structural Concrete Repair,
(4) Historical Engineering Restoration
(5) Pond Culture Pre-processing Works
Construction Case:
At the end of 2018 year, One client Mr Frank from New Zealand, his ancestral home was Fujian China, their company required one concrete machine for their mountain slope protection project, but he didn鈥檛 know much about this machine,he found us by our website, and visited our factory in short time, our technician operated our wet mix shotcrete machine in our stock, he said, that is the beautiful concrete shotcrete machine he urgently needed.
The following day, we signed the contract and he ordered his financial dept transferred the deposit to us as soon as possible.
Delivery for the shotcrete wet mix shotcrete machineTrailer Concrete Shotcrete Pump for sale
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